Going Viral

In today’s world, going “viral” is the best way to market yourself, your business, or just even an idea. By definition (as posted on about.com), viral comes from the word “virus,” which is a medial term used to describe a small infections agent that can infect all types of organisms. In terms of the Internet, a piece of content can spread just like a virus if people become “infected” when they see it.

As Scott states in his book “viral, buzz, or word-of-blog marketing—having other people tell your story drives action.” This is the new goal for marketers, brands aim to have their campaigns go viral as the newest marketing strategy.  Another quote from Scott’s book that Pete Healy, VP of marketing for Perfetti Van Melle USA: “The power to influence what a brand means to others is something that poses a dilemma, but also an opportunity, for the owners of a brand.”

Social media sites are structured for content to be shared to such an extent that they become viral. Hashtags, blog tags, tumblr tags are just a few examples of tools and features that social networking and microblogging sites allow for viral content and memes exist and be shared with such frequency.

There are many reasons why content goes viral: it’s funny, incredible/unbelievable, unusual, embarrassing, deeply emotional or dramatic, definitely dramatic. If your content falls under any of these you have a pretty good chance to make whatever you want go viral. But just as the type of content is important, where you post it and how you post it can make it or break it. Here is an infographic explaining the “anatomy of going viral.”


2013 was a big year for social media and it definitely had some big topics trending on twitter along with other content that one way or another began and never ended. As an example we have”Grumpy Cat,” it all started with an innocent picture of someone’s cat, but this cat wasn’t just your ordinary cat, it had a face that left everyone amazed by and was followed by many, many jokes. From memes, to twiter accounts, Grumpy Cat is prime example of how social media can make anything go viral.  Here is a link of her own Wikipedia bio, YUP, you heard it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumpy_Cat


Until next time,

Elisa Tactuk


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