The Future of Social Media

From when the internet first came out, to today, things have definitely improved and revolutionized the world. But when we look back at the last 10 years, this is when the big steps all came along. Organizations have made the internet, social media and all of its features a great asset toward the improvement of public communication and relations.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, it is a way to maintain your public interested and in the loop of everything that goes on in your company. Pretty much, how it all works is that once you become a “subscriber” you automatically receive all of that companies updates and new content the company provides. Without having to continuously check on your own, the feed just sends it your way, through email, twitter, or other electronic manner.

SEO and SEM stand for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. These are techniques that go hand in hand to optimize (as its name says it) websites, photos, blogs and any other social media profiles to improve and extend its rankings.

Just like RSS was innovative at the time of its release, there’s much more awaiting for the future in social media within organizations. Every  day companies look for a new and captivating way to draw the public’s attention more and more and provide a product or service where both parties are mutually benefited at the end of it all. I believe that organizations will keep working toward improvement and revolutionize the industry by taking small steps into the right direction.

A great example of social media innovation is Intel. They released a series of blogger films, named “Visual Life” and as stated in a Mashable article of the 6 New & Innovative Social Media Campaigns to learn from “The series showcases top bloggers discussing how they use technology and how it has transformed their work.” It relates to RSS, SEO and SEM because bloggers are top users of RSS. It’s a strategic way to communicate to the public in an innovative way. Intel nailed it!

Until next time,

Elisa Tactuk


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